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You run a unique farm from a unique location. Your Crop Insurance program should be just as tailored. Call us at (559) 825-CROP (2767) for more information. We would be happy to discuss all your options in greater detail.

Federal Multi-Peril Crop Insurance (MPCI)

The cornerstone of crop risk management starts with USDA multi-peril crop insurance. This program is available for nearly every crop, is subsidized to make it affordable, and we make it simple to understand.

MPCI is a valuable tool to secure your risk in growing high value crops such as:

  • Pistachio

  • Almond

  • Wine Grape

  • Avocado

  • Citrus

  • Stonefruit

Private Named Perils

These programs are offered by individual carriers to address specific perils your crop may face. They can be used as a stand-alone policy or in conjunction with your existing MPCI program. Several different policies exist to cover individual risks faced including:

  • Crop Hail Insurance

  • Crop Fire Insurance for Grain Crops

  • Untimely rain on Pima Cotton and Tomatoes

  • Raisin Reconditioning due to rain damage on the crop

  • Citrus Freeze on crops such as Oranges, Mandarins, and Lemons

Pasture Rangeland Forage Insurance

Worried about the impact of poor rainfall on your feed capacities or overall profitability? Look into this USDA subsidized program, available in 48 states.  

  • Producer selects their level of coverage based on index intervals and productivity factor.

  • The index interval represents a two-month period. 

  • Producers are not required to insure all acres, you can insure as much or little as you like. 

  • Coverage based on the experience of the entire grid rather than individual farms, ranches, or weather stations in the general area. 

Crop Insurance Brokerage

We offer P & C agencies in the three western states the opportunity to partner with us and deploy or maintain a crop insurance book of business. As a highly specialized and niche market, agencies large and small take advantage of our field expertise to enhance the lines of coverage they present to their clients.  

We would love to help you round out and enhance your existing crop portfolio or assist your agency in building one from scratch. We pass along our knowledge of Crop Hail Insurance, Grape Insurance, and Avocado Insurance to your producers, staff, and clients in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, and Texas.

Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP)

Looking for a program that provides a revenue floor for your entire operation? WFRP might work for you. Unlike traditional MPCI coverage that addresses only one of your produced crops, Whole Farm Revenue Protection provides a risk management safety net for all commodities on the farm under one insurance policy. 

The insurance plan is tailored for any farm with up to $8.5 million in insured revenue, including farms with specialty or organic commodities. This program is available nationwide.

What’s covered?

WFRP provides protection against the loss of insured revenue due to an unavoidable natural cause which occurs during the insurance period. This includes:

•    Commodities you produce, whether they are sold or not.
•    All commodities on the farm except Timber, Forest and Forest Products; and Animals for Sport, Show, or Pets.


Your Farm Operation Report determines your approved revenue. It is the lower figure of your expected revenue based on your whole-farm historic average revenue.  Contact us to see the policy for a full list of covered causes of loss. 


To qualify for this coverage your operation needs to meet certain criteria including but not limited to:

  • Five consecutive years of Schedule F or other farm tax forms.

  • No more than $8.5 million in insured revenue.

  • No more than $1 million from Greenhouse and Nursery or Animals and Animal Products.

  • Maintain an MPCI policy on all applicable crops you produce at a level above Catastrophic (CAT) Coverage.


Available to nursery operations that have Wholesale Sales of 50% or more, this subsidized program is available in nearly every state.   Coverage levels from catastrophic up to 75% are available.  Additional endorsements are available to address important issues such as Peak Season Inventory and Rehabilitation expenditures on labor and material for pruning and setup after a loss event. 
What does this program cover? 
•    Adverse weather conditions, including wind, hurricane and freeze. 
•    Failure of irrigation water supply, if due to an insurable cause of loss, such as drought;
•    Fire, provided weeds and undergrowth are controlled.
•    Wildlife.
What’s not covered?   Plant damage or losses in value as a result of the following:
•    Collapse or failure of buildings/structures,
•    Disease or insect infestation, unless effective control measures for the infestation do not exist; 
•    Failure of plants to grow to an expected size; 
•    Inadequate power supply.
•    Inability to market nursery products
•    Stock Plants - Plants used only for propagation or plants grown only for harvest of buds, flowers, or greenery.
What’s needed to get started? 
  • Your current inventory and price sheet broken down by plant species/variety & size of container. 
  • Your growing locations
  • The sales closing deadline for this crop is May 1 for renewal policies. New insureds may submit an initial application anytime of the year. 


Weather Risk Coverage:
As an authorized distributor of Arbol weather risk programs, growers of high value crops such as Hemp, Wine grapes, Avocado and Pima cotton can take advantage of this innovative way of addressing specific weather-related issue you face growing your crop.
Arbol is available as a stand-alone program or in addition to your existing MPCI insurance program. Here are a few reasons you may consider this program:
      ·          To add additional coverage so you can insure to the true full value of the crop.
      ·          You can purchase coverage a minimum of 20 days in advance of your target window.
   ·      Extremes in weather such as excessive rainfall, Summer drought, Summer heat, hail, early Fall freeze can be addressed. The MPCI program may not adequately address crop quality losses, this program fills that gap.
      ·          You can purchase coverage for individual perils or as a combination.
Arbol’s Insufficient Rainfall product protects against the financial impact excessive dry weather may have on your crops. Using historical experience and corresponding weather data available from Arbol, a producer can determine the expected financial loss when rainfall is below normal. Then the producer can design and purchase a customized weather contract that will trigger payment when total moisture is less than the desired amount.
You are in the driver’s seat with these programs. Addressing which weather events cause you the most risk at your locations.
Getting a quote on this cutting-edge program is simple. Give us a call and provide us with some basic information such as growing location (nearest city or town), the time period your need coverage for, optimally 60-90 days, and the estimated value of your crop.
Crop insurance simplified is not just our motto, it’s what we do every day. We work hard so that you can focus on more important farming issues. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a quote.
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