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Grapevine Insurance
After many years of the Ag industry asking, there is finally a program to insure Grapevines.

Grapevine Insurance Is Here!

Due in large part to the horrific losses in the North Coast grape growing regions a few years ago, the USDA Risk Management Agency has rolled out a program to insure the GRAPEVINE. This new program is in addition to the already existing MPCI yield based program available for the fruit.

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This pilot program for 2024 Grapevine insurance will be available to specified counties in California, Idaho, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington.
Covered perils include Fire, Freeze, Hail, Flood and Failure of Irrigation Supply
. *Other Conditions Apply

Key Points Of This New Program:

  • Vine-based dollar amount of insurance that provides coverage for specific types of grafted grapevines in select counties in the states of: California, Idaho, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.

  • Mortality coverage for vine losses in the event of Fire, Freeze, Hail, Flood and Failure of Irrigation Water Supply. No partial damage will be covered.

  • Coverage levels beginning with Catastrophic (CAT) and “Buy Up” levels between 50 and 75 percent are available.

  • Endorsements and policy options include:

         (FZ) Freeze Protection

         (HF) Hail & Fire Exclusion

         (OLO) Occurrence Loss Option

  • The grower must insure all the acres of eligible grapevines they farm in the county.

  • The sales closing date for the 2024 crop year is November 1, 2023.

  • The age of the vine will be broken out into Stages.

    • Stage I, from when the vines are set out through 12 months after set out.

    • Stage II, vines that are 13 through 48 months old after set out.

    • Stage III, vines that are more than 48 months old after set out.

Insured Location

  • The minimum distance and acreage required to qualify a separate vineyard as an optional unit are one (1) mile and ten (10) acres.

  • Any vineyards that are within a one-mile distance of each other will be combined into a single optional unit.

  • A separate vineyard meeting the distance requirement but with less than 10 acres will be combined with the nearest optional unit.

2024 County Availability


Lake                        Mendocino
Monterrey                Napa
San Luis Obispo     Sonoma


Berrien                    Cass
Kalamazoo              Van Buren



Ashtabula                Lake



Adams                     Burke
Chester                    Erie
Lancaster                Schuylkill


Childress                 Comanche
Dawson                   Gaines
Gillespie                  Hale
Hockley                   Hudspeth
Lamb                       Lubbock
Lynn                        Midland
Pecos                      Runnels
Terry                        Yokum


Ada                         Canyon
Elmore                     Gem
Owyhee                   Payette

New York

Cattaraugus            Cayuga
Chautauqua            Dutchess
Erie                          Niagara
Ontario                     Schuyler
Seneca                    Steuben
Suffolk                      Ulster
Wayne                      Yates


Benton                    Clackamas
Deschutes               Douglas
Hood River              Jackson
Josephine                Lane
Linn                          Marion
Morrow                     Polk
Umatilla                    Wasco
Washington              Yamhill


Adams                    Benton
Chelan                    Clark
Douglas                  Franklin
Grant                      Island
Kitsap                     Kittitas
Klickitat                   Mason
Okanogan               Pierce
San Juan                 Skagit
Walla Walla              Yakima

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