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Hemp Insurance
A new crop of Industrial Hemp still has to deal with old perils. Help is now available to growers in California and Oregon.

Industrial Hemp Insurance Is Here!

Since passage of the 2018 farm bill enacted by Congress, many producers are racing to figure out the potential market for this relatively new agricultural product.
Whether you think hemp is the next big thing, or just another crop that will be overproduced, farmers, policymakers and carriers are finding ways to affordably insure this crop and the producer’s investment in it. 

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In the past, since Hemp was classified under Schedule I, if any revenue of the operation came from a Schedule I substance, the producer would be ineligible for all insurance under that policy. This means that a producer can grow hemp without becoming ineligible to insure their other commodities. Producers of hemp can now insure under MPCI and WFRP. 

Where we are at now:

On February 6th 2020: 

RMA issued a bulletin updating the ability for producers in several state to be able to insure their upcoming 2020 crop. Through the Whole Farm Revenue Program (WFRP) or MPCI yield based policy, growers now have options to manage their farming risk.


The newly released Federal crop insurance program for industrial hemp, is modeled after the Multi-Peril Crop program current growers are familiar with. In conjunction with grower and industry feedback, the APH based program is now available. Since industrial hemp has multiple end uses, this new program may help grower to insure against production losses for CBD Oil, Fiber and Seed. As with all new crop insurance programs, industrial hemp coverage will be rolled out in a pilot status and initially only available in a few selected western states and counties in CA, OR, CO & NM.

The sales closing date for California and Oregon is 3/15.   


Private Named Peril

The National Crop Insurance Services Inc. (NCIS) is currently in the process of drafting a crop hail policy, rating system and claims loss procedures. Once approved and adopted by individual crop insurance carriers, the carrier will submit the policy to individual state's Department of Insurance. Once approved by the individual state DOI's, this crop hail policy will be made available to producers in those states.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us and check back here at this page soon to find out the latest on this topic.

Weather Risk Coverage:

As an authorized distributor of Arbol's HEMProtect program, hemp growers can take advantage of this innovative way of addressing specific weather-related issue you face growing and bringing your crop to completion.  

HEMProtect is available for growers nearing harvest of their crop. It will also complement the federal crop insurance program for several reasons.

  • The MPCI policy for hemp may not meet the true full value of the crop, with this program you can select to cover the FULL value of your hemp crop.

  • You can purchase coverage a minimum of 20 days in advance of your target window.

  • Extremes in weather such as excessive rainfall, summer drought, summer heat, hail, early Fall freeze can be addressed. These weather issues may result in the hemp crop having quality issues or becoming “hot”. The MPCI program may not adequately address crop quality losses, this program fills that gap.

  • Arbol Insufficient Rainfall product, GuaRAINteed protects against the financial impact of dry weather on hemp production, and the possibility that this stress may lead to Hemp quality issues at harvest time.

You are in the driver’s seat with this program. You're able to best meet which weather events cause you the most risk. You can purchase coverage for individual perils or as a combination. You know best your growing area, and the risks you face.

Getting a quote on these cutting-edge programs is simple. Give us a call and provide us with some basic information such as growing location (nearest city or town), the time period your need coverage for, optimally 60-90 days, and the estimated value of your crop.


Crop insurance simplified is not just our motto, it’s what we do every day. We work hard so that you can focus on more important farming issues. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you a quote. 

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