What does your crop pathway look like? Well-laid or up in the air?

We hope it’s a well-laid strategy. A plan with safeguards that give you the best possible opportunities for growth, protection, and profit.


Whether you’re harvesting a single acre of California Avocado or 1000 acres of Texas Cotton, your family and business rely on your operation for product and profitability.

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Don’t leave your crop insurance up in the air.

Anyone working in agriculture understands how farms are the fundamental source of life and health to the world. But it’s often a profession that’s tenuous and unpredictable in a way non-farmers may not understand. They usually comprehend the demands of labor and management, but they don’t understand like you do, how little more than a late freeze or short-lived heat wave can disrupt an otherwise perfect growing season.


Golden Pacific Crop arms you with the right insurance plan to secure your operation from the many elements and events outside of your control. We’re a company run by actual farmers with an interest in promoting profitable crop production across California, Oregon, Washington as well as Arizona & Texas, and we understand both the yearly and day-to-day challenges all too well. Regulation, labor, market risk, water, food safety–all the factors that play into selecting the appropriate crop insurance for your agribusiness. Our expertise comes from years in the industry helping small and mid-sized operations stay profitable year after year.


From Citrus and Pistachios to Grapes and Avocados -- whatever your product, we’re here.  We’re also ready to serve growers looking at growing Industrial Hemp with maximal insurance benefits.  Contact us to customize a plan that makes sense for you and your operation.

Develop a Strategy

Put our farming & insurance experience to work for you. We simplify the crop insurance process by helping producers craft a risk management program that secures their bottom line. We offer affordable solutions to crop loss resulting from Weather, Disease, Insect, Natural Disasters and Market Volatility.  Work with us to easily craft a plan to insure your Avocado or new Industrial Hemp crop, secure your farm and get back to more pressing concerns — like fishing and golf. 

Golden Pacific Crop Insurance Services Inc. is an equal opportunity provider CA License # 0M27996